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Some hours or days ago the president of Spain asked publicly the help of Europe. The difference between the German bonds and the Spanish bonds reached more than 500 hundred points yesterday.

The answer from Europe, as far as I know, has been, just to remain silent.

There is something quite strange about all this. Some months ago the last president Zapatero also asked for the help of Europe. Now it is the new president. When you hear the president of your own state asking for help it is difficult not to feel embarrassed. Where is the proudness? Could you imagine Germany, France or the UK asking for help from Europe?

So I find quite sad that the president of Spain must ask for help publicly. It gives an image as if Spain was begging to the richer nations of Europe.

On the other hand, there seems not to be an answer from Europe. This is not strange because it is obvious that if Europe wanted to help it can do it without the need of asking for help publicly!

I think Europe is very wrong for not answering. Europe should answer. And I am not saying that Europe must answer just helping as it is askied. Europe should answer why is not helping! The people in Spain should know why Europe does not want to help Spain. The ECB should answer why is not buying anymore Spanish bonds. If the Spanish government is not acting totally as Europe asked the Spanish population should know. Otherwise one can have the feeling that either the Spanish president or Europe is acting like a fool.

I do not know but sometimes to belong to the euro reminds me of belonging to the exclusive club that Madoff used to have around him. Only the privileged ones were able to belong to the club of Madoff. Just to be cheated.

How wise were the British people to retain its own currency. Maybe, as we can not return to just 17 more currencies again in Europe maybe a possible solution would be … (next post)




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