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I feel quite ashamed that the current government of Spain uses Gibraltar to hide the great problems we have here with the economy. I feel ashamed that the Spanish government has finally done the same that the Argentinian government: use a place of controversy (call it Falklands, call it Gibraltar) to hide the real critical situation of the country.

It is obvious that I feel much more closer to London than to Madrid because in London let the Scots decide their own future. The same that they do with Gibraltar and the Falklands.

I understand perfectly well that some people in Spain claim the sovereignty of Gibraltar. But one thing is to understand that and the other is to forget that the UK is much more than Gibraltar! Without the UK we would have not enjoyed the music of The Beatles, maybe we would not be able to drink tea, trains and industrialization may have come later and even Hitler may had won the last great war.

Never in my life, when meeting a person from England I have spoken about Gibraltar. Maybe if I was from Andalusia I would feel different but the reality is that I just see Gibraltar as an extravaganza.

We are living in very difficult times. I know that in the UK there are also cuts and I feel it is very bad to see the UK, Argentina and Spain with bad relations among them.

I have realized reading the British press and some comments that some people in Britain feel that the Queen of Spain is almost offending them by not going to the Diamond Jubilee. This seems to me good news. The fact that some people in the UK are unhappy about what a Spanish queen does means that they care about what we do. After all a lot of British people come on holidays to Spain. To know that the place where you go on holidays is in bad terms with your country cannot be good news.

So I feel very frustrated! Because the Spanish government is sending the wrong signal to the UK! Spain needs more than ever to be in good terms with London. Imagine that we quarrel inside the eurozone. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in good relations with the only strong nation outside the eurozone in the EU?

The government in Spain, when thinking about Gibraltar, should think very seriously why the people from Gibraltar want to remain British?

No doubt that in the current situation, if I was from Gibraltar, I would prefer to be British too.

Let me end by wishing Elizabeth a nice Diamond Jubilee. I feel sorry that the queen of Spain cannot be there because that has been the decision of the Spanish government. Paradoxically it seems that the Spanish government, had not problem whatsoever in “my king” to go to hunt elephants in Africa. No wonder Gibraltarians are much better with Elizabeth as a queen than an elephant hunter as a king. Unfortunately I cannot choose.


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