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The Strait of Gibraltar (North is to the left:...

The Strait of Gibraltar (North is to the left: Spain is on the left and Morocco on the right.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read with sadness that the Spanish Queen won’t go to London for the Queen Diamond Jubilee. Gibraltar seems to be the reason. Problems with the fish or a visit from someone from the British monarchy.

I feel very sad this cancellation because although it is true that Gibraltar is a cause of friction between Madrid and London it is obvious that there are a lot of things that unite us! Why should Gibraltar be given so much importance?

There are two easy ways of GIbraltar returning back to Spain: by force or by agreement. By force it is not possible (nor desirable) because the UK has the nuclear bomb and a strong army. The day that Spain , if ever, has a nuclear bomb too and an army so strong as the British one and it is fool enough to start a war, then Gibraltar may return.

Another way, the peaceful way, it is quite simple: let the Gibraltar want to return back.

I imagine that as I like so much the English language and England I don’t see so horrible that in the south of the peninsula there is a place where they speak English and they say God saves the Queen. I think it is an extravaganza that brings colour to that part at the end of Europe.

During decades a lot of British people have been in Spain. A lot of people from Spain go to London as London is a favourite destination. I think there is a mutual fascination! So Gibraltar, should not be seen as a problem, but as the funny part of history that brings us together!

I have never been to Gibraltar but to think that there is a part of the Iberian peninsula where they use pounds, they speak English and they have British flags seems to me like a tourist attraction! It does not seem to me such a terrible thing! And besides, Gibraltar is open to be visited! If Gibraltar was closed and people from Spain could not visit it maybe I would feel quite unhappy with it been British but this is not the case.

I think that Gibraltar should not be seen as a cause for trouble. We in Spain should be proud of having a place like Gibraltar!

After all, imagine that, Gibraltar was going to return to Spain. Then, when we would go there, we would look for the things that reminded us of the British been there!

Anyway, there is one thing good about Queen Sofia not going to London: an expense less to be paid from the Spanish tax payer. Meanwhile, thousands of people from Spain will go to London and people from Britain will come to Spain. Gibraltar has never been problem for people from both countries. It is just the place politicians from both countries can use to make people forget their real problems. Shame on the politicians who use Gibraltar as a political weapon.

Greetings to the people of Gibraltar! You are unique! And Greetings too to the people of La Linea next to Gibraltar!

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