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In some posts I have criticised the fact that the queen of Spain does not attend the Diamond Jubilee in London. It is true that Gibraltar puts Spain and the UK aside but there are much more things that unite us so I feel sad that the Spanish government uses Gibraltar to hide the critical problems of Spain.

Once that said now I realise that there is however something good in Sofia not going to London. First, this means less expenses for the Spanish tax-payer. And secondly she must not share table with some of the guests of Elizabeth: a king with the hands full of blood, the king of Bahrain, and the king of Swaziland who lives in luxury while his people die of hunger.

I do not blame Britain for not going Sofia to the Diamond Jubilee as I agree with the British position that it is people in Gibraltar who should choose its future. But both people in Spain and London should think over if it is not quite sad that Sofia and Elizabeth cannot share a nice time together and at the same time Elizabeth shares table with the bloody king of Bahrain. It is just crazy. It is crazy that Elizabeth II is joined by a bloody tyrant from a country, Bahrain, with no democracy and where protests are not allowed and at the same time is not joined by the queen from a country where thousands of Britons come to its beaches and lots of people of its kingdom love London and British music and culture. Spanish and British diplomacy has failed while the bloody tyrant of Bahrain is given a treatment that no tyrant should deserve.


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