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Some blind people in Europe and in Germany may feel quite happy with the German bonds because they give them safety in comparison with, let’s say Spanish bonds.

What few want to realise it that the wolf in fact is looking to eat the big sheep, the German sheep, and that if that is not happening is because the big German sheep is surrounded by weaker sheep that the wolf is already eating. What I mean is that the strength of the German bond is just fictitious. The European building is on fire and Germany is just the part of the building where the flames are quite far.

If somebody in Europe or Germany was wise enough would realise that German bonds will end badly if the rest of the eurozone falls.

People in Germany should be very worried that their bonds look so safe. What seems a good thing is in fact a bad thing. It is as if we are in a skyscraper that it is on fire. The fire begins on the low part of the building. Germany would be at the top of the building and a lot of people would go there to escape from the flames. But only a fool would think that this means that the German floor is safe. People on the German floor should realise that the only way to end the fire is to take advantage that the fire has not reached Germany AND THROW WATER TO THE LOWER PARTS OF THE EUROPEAN BUILDING. Unfortunately Angela Merkel believes that the best is to keep water so that they can fight the fire when it reaches Germany.

History tells us that before the Second World War II Spain was a twar. This time we won’t have a war but an economical disaster. And it may start in Spain. SPAIN NEEDS MONEY FROM GERMANY. Spain is full of houses that cannot be sold. I propose to sell them very very cheap to German citizens so that people from Germany come to live to Spain! If we want to build a united Europe we need that people move. In this way, we will learn from each other.

It is quite sad to see how the fire is on the door steps of Spain, the British press seems almost happy about it and Germany remains silent. ANGELA MERKEL IS BRINGING GERMANY AND EUROPE TO DISASTER.

In the US California is quite bad economically but that is not a problem for the dollar. People in the US feel as a unity so there is no problem. In Europe is the opposite. We blame each other of the situation. If people from Europe used to live more abroad this would not happen. Why are most germans living in Germany? If we were more mixed it would not look so strange that people in Germany helps Spain. We have to choose between being Europe or not being!

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