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Imagine that the Greek people did something that made the rest of Europeans have trust on them again. If that happen I am sure that a lot of European would be happy to help Greece to return to prosperity again.

I would like to help Greek to remain in the euro but the problem is that I see no way.

I hope Greek people find a way so that the rest of Europe can help them. No European that known European history can be happy with Greece, yes Greece, being in such disarray.

When you see the Elgin marbles in the British Museum in London and you think what Greece was and what Greece is now it is just to cry. I hope history, pride in a glorious history, makes Greek to fight to be again a place to be respected again by the rest of Europe.

Some centuries ago, Greece gave to the world the amazing marbles that the British bought to the Turkish. When you look a t that marbles one realises that more than 2 thousand years ago there was a place on Europe where civilisation was at is most.

Greece is different from other countries. Greece is not just another country in Europe. One of the things that makes me happy to live in the Mediterranean is that I share the pines that one can find in Greece too.

Some centuries ago Greece, then Italy gave to the world what no other civilisation gave. One cannot dream that those glorious times return back and it is nice that other countries in Europe (France, UK, Germany) which were nothing when Greece and Italy were at the top, well, it is good that now other parts of Europe can have the dream of ressembling those glorious civilisations of the past. But the people who live in Greece, for respect for its glorious past, should try to be, at least, a respected country in the current times. And the rest of Europe should try to help.

When you go to London you find a wonderful city. It is obvious that at one time was the capital of the British Empire. But if I had to choose between London and just the Elgin marbles I have not doubt about my choice.

So I asked the Greek people that they make things in a way so that the people in Europe that like Greece can help them in some way.

Greece is an emotion, and emotions are priceless.

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