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If I have to be sincere I must admit that after months of eurocrisis and bad news coming from Greece and other countries a Greece outside the euro sometimes has seemed to be the only choice.

But if Greece leaves the euro this is not only a Greek tragedy but also a European tragedy. It is obvious that once Greece leaves the euro there is no reason whatsoever than in two years time, etc another country should leave the euro.

And after all, why should Athens be outside the euro? Why not Berlin?

If the euro is in trouble maybe one option would be for the richests countries to leave the euro instead of the poor ones! As leaving the euro is so hard then the best maybe would be for the riches countries to leave.

But this seems to me a bad idea. Do you imagine California leaving the dollar? California also has economic problems but it is obvious that no part of the US is going to live the dollar.

So in Europe should be the same. If Europe made a mistake admitting Greece now THE MISTAKE MUST BE PAID AMONG ALL THE EUROZONE COUNTRIES!

We have to look at the long term. What seems now an awful Greek tragedy can be in the long term something good. If we the Europeans are able to maintain the euro as it is this would be a success for the euro and for the Europeans!

The choice is not Greece leaving the euro or not. The choice is TO BE EUROPE OR NOT TO BE EUROPE.

Our politicians maybe made a very big mistake admitting Greece to the euro but once they made that we should pay for our mistake.

Greece is a little country who spends too much in the military because of the frictions with Turkey. Well, let’s use all the power of Nato and the EU to try to put things in a better way and let’s see the defense of Greece as the defense of Europe Union. The border between Greece and Turkey should be also a responsibility of the European Union. In this way the Greek have not to spend so much into the military. Unfortunately some European rich countries sell the weapons to Greece so for them is ok for Greece to be the only one to pay.

If Greece leaves the euro I am almost sure that then we will begin to hear voices saying Spain should leave the euro and so on.

In any case, if the reasons for Greece to leave the euro are so great and no other optin is available (I doubt that) I think that then what could be done is that Greece has two currencies. But in no way, one country that has the euro should be put outside unless it wishes. It is the responsability of the rest of the eurozone to try to do the things in a way that no one wants to leave the euro.

To end let’s remember that Greek are not ancient gods and made of stone. They are people like the rest of Europeans. This is obvious but by the way that so much austerity is asked to them I feel that they are treated as if they were not human. I wish Angela and her European partners realise that you do not have be to be Hitler to treat people from othe rcountries as if they were not human. Fortunately  not all people in Germany and the rest of Europe agree with the harsh remedies of frau Angela.


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