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Europe has asked Spain austerity and it seems that the Spanish governemt is following the rules. But there is something in the Spanish government that is worrying me very very much.

As the situation is worsening I have realised that the Spanish government and even some media related to the Spanish government are doing something that only can harm Spain: instead of trying to make the Spanish people see that the situation is bad and that we must improve and not make the mistake sthat we do well, the Spanish government and some media are doing another thing: JUST BLAMING THE ANGLOSAXON MEDIA.

So now instead of looking into ourselves and realising that we have acted as new rich and in awrong way some Spanish media just blame the Anglosaxon media.

Furthermore now the Spanish government used Gibraltar to hide the real problems. And today Mariano Rajoy, not having enough with being at odds with London it seems that now it also wants to be at odds with Paris!: Mariano Rajoy is saying that François Hollande must have some information about the Spanish banks that we do not know!

So, the message from the Spanish government and some media is similar to that in Iran or Cuba: we are the good guys and the rest of the world is to blame of how bad we are!

Now Spain the last that needs is to make enemies! Now it is the time to be at the best terms with London, Paris and any place! Instead I have the feeling that the Spanish government have chosen the same choice that dictator Franco chose: to see the rest of the world as our enemies.

I hope to be wrong but each day I have less faith in Mariano Rajoy. Instead of acting as a torero with respect to Gibraltar he could act as a torero by cutting some wages that Europe asks and that in Catalonia we have already done.

I hope somebody in the Spanish government has common sense: the outside world is not to blame that we lived as the new rich and now we do not know how to solve the things.


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