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I have the feeling that Spain is currently in one of the most critical times in recent history. As it happened in the 30’s now we seem to have the same situation: if Spain falls Europe will be brought to disaster.

I hope people from outside Spain relaise that helping Spain now it means to help the project of a peaceful and weatlthy Europe.

I have more hope in help from outside than what can be inside. Until now what I see from central government and central media in Madrid is to blame anglosaxon press of all our problems. Even Gibraltar is been used to hide the real problems we have.

If Spain falls, I am sure of one thing. The blame is not to be found outside. Some people in Spain have been living as the new rich and now we are paying that.

In the following days Europe will have to choose between to be or not to be. If Spain is not helped then the end of Europe as we know now will have started.


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