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Reading some British press I have realised that they would be extremely haapy if chaos came to Spain and we acted as fools and we went in a hurry to the banks to withdraw our money.

One of the good things of reading the British press quite oft is that one realises that some try to create news by just creating news. So as people from Greece withdrew money from Greek banks some British press were on a hurry to say that something similar was happening in Spain.

Fortuantely for me, those news in the British press are good for me because they tell me what Spain should do: remain calm.

London is a city that plays with money so it is not strange that its media have also some interests in chaos coming to the eurozone. The worse the eurozone goes the better they think they did not joining the euro. Well, the truth is that now with the euro you can buy more pounds than when the euro was born. Before you needed 150 euro cents for one pound. Now you need 30 cents less.

All this crisis of the euro is not all bad news. It is also giving lessons. One of the lessons is that the countries with very individualistic behaviours may fall apart quite soon. it is for this reason that the last thing I am going to do it is to withdraw any euro from the banks. I am very proud of the euros and to share with 17 other countries.

The eurozone is a very big imaginary fish made of lot of fish and people from outside the fish want to attack the fish. They begin with the weaker parts hoping that the weaker parts will leave. But we all know inside the eurozne that if we remain united we are quite strong. We are so strong that even the enemies of the euro know perfectly well that if they afford to make the euro collapse even them outside the euro will suffer the collapse. But the friends of the speculators do not ming what may happen to their country men. It is enough that just some few people in London get rich if the euro collapses in order to attack the euro even if that will mean suffering in both parts of the channel.

The susrvival of the euro is not a fight between the eurozne and countries outside the euro. it is a fight between some few speculators in London and the media they control and people who are fed up with some few controlling everything like in the medieval times.

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