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Some may think that the current eurocrisis can just be blamed on Greece and other southern countries but I have the feeling that is the bad handling of these eurocrisis by Germany that is bringing Europe again to disaster. The current problem of Europe is not Greece (just a wonderful but tiny country) The problem is that the Germany of Angela Merkel sees Europe as an extension of Germany with the euro as an extension of the deutsche mark. If Germany does not want eurobonds because it means to pay higher rates then Germany should return to its own currency. If Germany does not trust the rest of Europe then maybe it shoudl stay alone. It is crazy that we are talking about the eurocrisis for months and months. If only Germany has accepted eurobonds from the first moment then we wouldn’t be where we are. Eurobonds are needed and if Germany refuses them then Germany is acting against the euro. Germany must choose between to be inside of the euro or outside.


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