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Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that Facebook is a fool. I am just saying that maybe in a world of fools they would choose Facebook as their king.

I am reading that the shares of Facebook are again falling. Wow! All is happening as I thought. The last thing I have done in my life would have been to buy shares for Facebook.

They say that each day the wealth is more concentrated in some few individuals: there are more poor people while few rich people each time they have more.

Well, now I see why this happens. Don’t blame the rich. Blame the fools.

By the way, if I am wrong and Facebook does not end as another Internet bubble then call me the fool.

I wonder how on earth anybody could buy shares in a company with such a horrible webpage and whose success it is obvious that as it came in a sudden can also go in a sudden! It is only necessary that someone creates something more trnedy than Facebook and that is the end. Congratulations to the creator of Facebook. You are genius. In some years time nobody will use Facebook but you got rich thanks to that. I am sure history will talk about that.

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