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Yesterday, watching the semifinal of Eurovision I discovered something that has changed my view about Greece.
Until now Greece was just a country in the eurozone which is causing big problems to the eurozone.
Well, yesterday as I listened to different songs from different countries in Europe I realised that a lot of European countries do not belong to the eurozone nor to the European Union. And I realised that the international media does not talk much about these countries.
Then I thought, does that mean that the Greek are the people in Europe who are in the worst economical position? Is is then Greece the country that is much worse than all the rest of countries who I listened to in Eurovision.
Then, as I thought about that I realised too that it could be that other countries in Europe were in even a worse position than the Greek people …. or not. But that we all knew how bad the situation was in Greece because what happens in Greece affects the eurozone.
In brief, yesterday I discovered a big mistake when I thought about the Greek problem. Yesterday I discovered that the Greek problem not only affects the whole of the eurozone. Yesterday I discovered that what happens in Greece is not just a Greek problem affecting the eurozone: it is a eurozone problem affecting the eurozone.
So I realise that as a citizine of the eurozone what happens in Greece is not something quite far away but that affects me too: it is something I am inside too!
If Greece goes to disaster is not just Greece that goes to disaster. The rest of the eurozone has a responsability!

Most of Europeans countries do not use euros. So the ones that we use the euros should see that if we let one of our members in th eeurozone to fall then WE ALL IN THE EUROZONE ARE FAILING!

The fact that Greece is responsible of its current bad situation does not mean that the rest of the eurozone has nothing to do! We created with Greece a common currency and if we let Greece fall other countries outside the eurozone can see that it is not just Greece falling apart: it is the rest of the eurozone being a disaster.

I wish politicians so in the eurozone realise then that we are living in the Greek side of Europe.

Some years ago, we deicided to go in the same ship some of the countries in Europe. So now in Europe we have most of the countries that go in their own ship but 17 that are inside the same ship. Now there is fire inside a part of this ship. While people see that our ship is on fire we inside the ship we just see the fire as a fire on the Greek side of the ship. That is the mistake: the fire is in our ship and we all that are in the ship have a responsability about the ship. If when we created the ship we accepted Greek content on it now we should be responsible of what is happening.

So to help Greece is not just a case of goodness for the rest of the eurozone. It is a case of realising that Greece is inside the eurozone ship because we chose that. Mistake or not, the mistake or not is ours so we have the responsability to treat the Greek parto f the ship as part of our ship.

I hope in Berlin they realise too that we in the eurozone then we are living in the Greek side of Europe. The eurozone is the Greek side of Europe.

I believe that the eurozone must put the money it is needed to get sure Greece remains in the euro. It is not a way to be nice with the Greek people. It is a way to show to the rest of Europe and to the world that if two thousands years ago there was a place in Europe called Greece that gave birth to DEMOCRACY now there is a place in Europe where they gave birth to SOLIDARITY among countries.

History is full of chapters related to war. Would it not be nice to belong to that part of history where instead of wars you read about 16 countries that SUPPORTED UNTIL THE END ITS WEAKEST PART?

To put Greece out of the euro is like putting a sick person out of a hospital because the hospital is not advanced enough to care about it.


  1. Nicolas Bastas ⋅

    After the events of Cyprus in 1974, the Greeks felt that being a member of NATO does not really guarantee their independence. So they thought, that if they were a member of the EEC, maybe they would be a bit more secure against their eastern neighbours. (the Soviet Bloc and Turkey). They turned to Europe for help, but, except from France who embraced the idea immediately, the Dutch and Germans refused for “cultural reasons”. There was a harsh negotiation and Greece accepted all the terms. In exchange for loans and funds Greece had to give up everything. Like Spain they lost much of their fishing fleet, they abandoned the sugar cultivation, the tobacco cultivation, without being prepared they opened their market completely to foreign competition – thus closing any industry -, they stopped being self sufficient in grain, and many many other things. It’s not irrelevant that every single old EU member member has a trade surplus with Greece. Even Spain that entered in 1986 gains 1,9 billion euros a year. Lending to Greece has become a lucrative operation since the money returned directly back to them in form of exports to Greece. And maintaining a highly corrupt political system was critical. These days as we speak, a former defence minister is jailed and trialed in Athens for receiving German money in order the Greek navy to place orders for German made submarines(which by the way do not even function). The deficit of Greece is the exact amount of money Greece has spent for imports since it joined EU.

    So in my opinion, as you say, Europe should have acted with real solidarity, but acted with self-interest. Greeks do have much of the blame but so does the Eurozone, for the present situation. What is urgently needed is not money, but a way of sustainable growth, which hurts a lot of economical intrests. For example Greece imports 400 million euros of dairy products from France ( in 2007). Does France want the bans to be lifted and Greece to be allowed to become self suficient? That’s the big question here. If they fail to allow the country to develop then Greece has no place and no intrest being in the Eurozone or in the EU for that matter.

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