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Ok, let’s agree in some way that Greece keeps its promises to the EU and IMF. This is hard to the Greek people but it may keep them inside th eeuro.

But can Europe only asked enormous austerity to the Greek people and not give them any hope?

The fact that we are not sending the Greek population to the gas chambers does not mean that we are acting in the right way?

The eurozone accepted Greece inside so if Greece has cheated the rest maybe some of the blame should be shared. But we cannot do is to leave Greece during decades to be a place in Europe where people have not hope.


I think there are two options: let Greece to its own devices or to make GREECE the mirror of the Europe we want.

Imagine that thanks to Europe Greece became again one of the greatest nations of Europe. Not just for its history or beauty but because it becomes a nice place to live.

I think that Germany and other countries should not treat Greece as a disgrace. The Greek crisis could be an opportunity to create in Greece a lighthouse to the world.

It would be wonderful if thanks to Europe we could create a king of renaissance in Greece.

Greece, for its historical significance, is situation and its beauty should be considered a special place so that huge investment should be made there.

Europe must make of Greece the mirror of its deisres.

Europe should avoid at all costs Greece leaving th euro. In fact Europe should do whatever to improve the image of the euro.

Germany made two big mistakes in the last century. I hope that this century Germany acts more wisely.

Germany has paid no interest whatsover for its last bonds while Spain has paid 6 per cent. This is not logical. This is not fair. Which is the use of having a common currency if we do not have a common project?



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