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I am reading that Germany is not accepting the eurobonds. This is unacceptable. Gemrany should leave the eurozone if it does not accept eurobonds. I am beginning to think that the real problem of the eurozone is not Greece. It is ANGELA MERKEL.

Germans should choose between the euro or returning to the Deutsche mark. It is unacceptable that rich Germany is taking advantage of the weaker economies of the eurozone and is paying very few interests while some have to pay a lot. That is not fair for a country that believes in a common project.

I have the feeling that Germany is again bringing Europe to another disaster. This time without invading Poland. Just by not realising that the euro means sacrifices for everybody!

Germany shoul find a way so that we have eurobonds. And if Germany does not want eurobonds because the rates are higher then an arrangement must be made to compensate Germany in some way! Germany must choose between Europe or Germany. If it chooses Germany please leave the euro!

The current behaviour of Angela is quite bad for Europe. How can the rest of the world trust the current currency of Germany, the euro, when Germany does not trust the other countries with the same currency.

The first thing we should do now is to save the euro. Later let’s talk about who pays more, who pays less, but, for God’s sake, let’s save our future!


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