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Today I have read a news that makes me quite sad because I have the feeling as if the UK and Spain have returned back to those centuries were war was their only way to meet each other.

I am very worried. We are used to decades were Gibraltar has been just a friction between two European states and not much more. But you only need that in what has happened some hours ago there is a disgrace and the UK and Spain may go again to the horrible times of confrontation.

Yesterday David Cameron and Mariano Rajoy meet with their European partners in Brussels. While that happened the Royal Navy and Guardia Civil were at adds near Gibraltar.

Fortunately nobody has been hurt but if frictions like yesterday continue maybe something unexpected could happen. Maybe a Spaniard of a Gibraltarian could be hurt.

What I mean is that what has happened in Gibraltar is more dangerous that may happen.

Spain is in the perfect situation to use Gibraltar to hide its terrible problems. Mariano Rojoy would like the ECB to buy Spanish bonds and this is not happening. We are paying a 6 per cent rate to sell the bonds while Germany has paid no interest.

This summer are the Olympic Games in London. As the situation in Spain is so bad I am very afraid that the Spanish government may use Gibraltar as an excuse to even boycott the games. I don’t think this may happen but if Spain goes worse and frictions in Gibraltar increase who knows what may happen.

So I am writing this post so that people of good will realise that something should be done.

The problem is not if Gibraltar should remain British or Spanish or independent. The problem is if we fall so low as to make of that the most important thing in the relation between both countries.

I love the English culture and I love London and England. It makes me crazy to think that relation between both countries could deteriorate.

As the UK is also in a bad economical situation I am afraid that London may also not do enough to stop an increase in the confrontation.

I am afraid that in some days the confrontation may increase. Then the Spanish media woud say A and the British press woul say B so that people like me that reads both media will get crazy as I see that the truth becomes the first victim when a kind of war starts.

In Andalusia there was a great singer called Camerón. In Downing Street we have David Cameron. I hope this makes some think over all this absurd confrontation.

I hope people in Gibraltar and in London act wisely. I am sure the Spanish government will do all it can for the confrontation to increase. Any action made from the Spanish government that puts the Royal Navy in action is perfect for Mariano Rajoy to make some Spaniards happy and forget that they have no job and that Spain is one step from collapsing.

Greeting to the people from Gibraltar. I feel more sympathy for you than for the Spanish government who is using Gibraltar to hide that Spain is again in the dark side of Europe.




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