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550 CATS

Cats Eyes

Cats Eyes (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

“THE.CAT > 550 CATS” or something similar is what Google search may show to people searching for information about a man that has divorced his wife because she has adopted 550 cats.

As you can imagine, having a blog that can be reached by just typing THE.CAT I could not miss the opportunity of writing about the 550 cats because, experience tells me that when people find such a weird search result as a website called THE.CAT writing about a weird news of 550 cats in a house, well people tend to click to that weird result.

Unfortunately the only connection between the news of the divorce and the 550 cats and THE.CAT is that THE.CAT lives in west side of the Mediterranean and the 550 cats live on the east side of the Mediterranean.

By the way, I wonder if the 550 cats have names or there are favourite ones who have a name while most do not have a name. And who says a name, could also say an email …

Maybe THE.CAT could help the woman with the 550 cats by offering her 550 emails for the 550 cats. I wonder if I could name 550 different names for cats but in any case one could choose also names of cities, etc to reach the quantity of 550 cats.

I also wonder if the lady has a website and you can see photos of the 550 cats. THE.CAT could also offer 550 different subdomains for the 550 cats …


Something quite weird has happened after I wrote this post. I made a search in Google by writing 550 and the name of this blog to see if this post was in Google search. And I found an old post of mine that said “Israel has released 550 Palestinian prisoners …”.

We,, thank you for reading this weird post. Now you always can say in the future that one of the weirdest things that happened to you was reading in a website called about a  news about a divorce related to 550 cats in a house …


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