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English: Logo of the Trademark Bankia Español:...

English: Logo of the Trademark Bankia Español: Logo de la marca Bankia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that Bankia is frontpage of the BBC website I just would like to point out something that may bright light to the disaster of Bankia. I have two images of Bankia. In the two images I see luxury! One image is the library in the center of Barcelona. Caja Madrid open a library in the center and the use of precious marble is incredible. The other image is a Bankia officie nearby. I also have the image of a luxury facade with marble.

So, if you were on the streets of Catalonia and you look into a place with luxury Caja Madrid (one of the parts that merged into Bankia) was were you could find the luxury.

I think in New York happened something similar to Lehman Brothers. Their building next to Times Square was amazing …

So my conclusion is to mistrust the banks that show a lot of luxury in its buildings. Maybe it is an indication of wasting the money.

Thanks to God I never opened an account in Caja Madrid. Now Bankia.

Unfortunately now it seems that we all in Spain will have to put money to save the bank. Why not giving the money that is obliged to the clients and close the bank? It is said that the clients of Spanish banks have a quantity of moeny secure even if the bank collapses. So why not give that money and close the bank? Why should all the Spanish people care for the bank as a whole?

I think the Spanish government should take care that all people who have an account in a Spanish bank get the minimum money that is guaranteed (I think it is 10000 euros) For the rest, it should be a problem for the bank, not for all the citizens!

I have the feeling as if the poor people of Spain were asked to rescue the big fortunes! Give to the people its 100.000 at most and let the banks fall!



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