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It is funny. I am inside the eurozone and I am laughing. I am laughing because I find so funny that the British press is so eager for the collapse of the euro that they are even more nervous than the people on the other side of the channel. They are so paranoic about the euro that they see the collapse the euro in whatever word that is said.

Needless to say that I have much more confidence in the future of the euro than in the British press. They are behaving as if they were writing from a place where they cannot listen to what is said. I say “I would like to have more euros in my pocket” and they would say that  “Spaniards without money in their pockets”. I say “I hope Europe helps Spain” and they would say “Spanish only hope is Europe”

Anyway, what can you expect from a country where they change Infanta of Castille to Elephant & Castle ..?

Anyway, congratulations to the British Press, each time you give mistaken news your credibility to the international audience is less while the euorozone remains as it is. Each day it is more obvious that the British press is so eager that the euro falls that they are acting as fools.

And please, journalist from THE GUARDIAN do not think I am talking about you. I am referring to other newspapers. I like THE GUARDIAN. And its webpage.


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