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If you go to the BBC webpage you see that Spain is news for two reasons! One article is related to Bankia and the  other is about Spain and Eurovision. It says: “‘Don’t win Eurovision’ Spain told” Pastora Soler is the singer and her controversial worlds are related to the fact that as a joke someone said that it would be better for her not to win as Eurovision Song contest is very expensive and Spain could not afford for that.

So who knows … as the UK seems to be very happy each time something goes wrong in Spain I wonder if people in the UK won’t choose Spain as a way to bring more problems for Spain!

Well, I am sorry but yesterday I missed the other semifinal. From the first semifinal I liked very much the song from Israel and Albania. Israel won’t be in the final but Albania will be.

I have thought about voting Greece as a way to show support for Greece but now I am not so sure it is a good idea. The song from the UK also seems good.

So let me end this post telling everybody who wants the fall of Spanish economy to vote to Pastora Soler. I do not like much the song but it would be a bit funny that Spain is the winner just because the UK gives Spain 12 points …

By the way, congratulations to Russia. One of the things I do not like of Eurovision is that it seems that you must be very pretty and young and sexy to go to Eurovision. Russia is giving a great lesson to the rest of Europe. Good news from Russia and an universal message: the love and respect for the people that was born in the aftermath of WWII.

This is the song to vote if you want to put more pressure into the Spanish economy:

The name of the song is QUÉDATE CONMMIGO. I would translate it to STAY WITH ME. In this video I like the song but unfortunately in eurovision real stage I am afraid it won’t sound so well.

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