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Today Scotland is news in the Catalan press because it is the launching of YES SCOTLAND.

I’ve been in England and Scotland and I like a lot both places. If they remain together or independent is not something I have a strong opinion about it. The only thing I wish is that whatever it happens it is an example to the world of how civilised people behave and can decide their future.

Anyway, one of the things that I would like to know is which currency would use an indpendent Scotland. A new currency called the Scot? The pound as Ireland use to use before the euro? Or just the euro?

As I am writing from the eurozone I imagine the best for me would be an Scotland using euros but I remember to have seen pounds notes made in Scotland so maybe it is not so clear that an independent Sctland could not use the pound two. If 17 countries in Europe use a common currency why should not an independent Scotland have a common currency with the remaining UK?

One of the things too that I wonder about is that if Scotland leaves the UK then Gibraltar, the Falklands etc remain related to London but not to Scotland? Could it be otherwise?

I think that some people in Catalonia are much in favour of an independent Scotland as they see that as a mirror of what they want for Catalonia with respect to Spain. For me I am just happy enough with the fact that Scotland can choose its future. And I would be happy whether they choose to remain inside or outside the UK. The important thing is that they can choose!


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