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Tonight the Eurovision song contest will be seen accross Europe. I have not heard all songs. From the ones of the semifinal I was very impressed by the song from Albania. The visual effects in the stage and her voice were incredible. People in Albania should be very proud of her singer. She is universal. It is curious that singing in Albania the song reaces your in the most deepest way. Incredible.

Anyway, maybe Russia may win. In a contest were youth and beauty seem so important Russia choice is a delight for me.

I am sad that the beautiful song from israel is not in the final but quite oft my favourite songs don’t win. But a song does not need to win to be your personal winner at Eurovision. I remember songs from other years that did not win and I do not remember the ones who won.

By the way what did it mean NEURO in the Montenegro song? I always thought of NEURO as the fictious name of a new (neu in German) euro …

Let me end by congratulating to the host country, Azerbaijan. I love the blue buildings in Baku.  Now that we are so worried about Greece it is nice to see that there is life outside the eurozone. Europe is much more than the EU or the eurozone. But like in the US we use the name of the continent in a possessive way. It is nice that Eurovision shows us a greater world.

Greetings to the people of Azerbaijan.


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