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In an interview with The Guardian the head of the IMF has very harsh words for the Grrek people. When asked about the way that the crisis affects the children in Athens she says she feels more pity for the children in Niger. And she says that parents in greece should take responsability of the situation.

Well, i just hope that in the same way that she is harsh with the weak people in Grrece she is also harsh with the strong people in Europe.

Who knows, maybe the following people that will have no pity with would be the Spaniards. She will say two that we have to pay our debts and that she feels more empathy for the children south of Gibraltar.

I agree with Lagarde that Greek must behave like a modern European country and PAY TAXES TO THE STATE but I think there is one thing that Lagarde is forgetting: GREECE IS IN THIS CHAOS BECAUSE GREECE HAS NOT ACTED AS A SERIOUS COUNTRY THESE LAST YEARS. But if Grrece can be blamed to have spent too much maybe one could also blame the German and French bank who had no problem to lend them money!

If you look at a child from Niger and you look  at a child from Greece it is obvious that the pity goes to the child from  Niger. But why does not Lagarde look at a German child too? Why should a Greek child be much worse than a German child? The government of Athens cheated Europe but Germany and the rest of the eurozone also made the mistake of accepting Greece when it was obvious that Greece did not comply.

So, to end, I think it is right that Lagarde tells the Greek that she has no pity of them but I think it is wrong that the Greek children have to pay the irresponsability of having accepted greece in the  eurozone. Lagarde, may not have pity of Greek children but politicians from the eurozone I think they should have pity. What does Lagarde have to say about Goldman Sachs who helped Greece to hide its terrible situation?

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