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English: Picture of George Orwell which appear...

English: Picture of George Orwell which appears in an old acreditation for the BNUJ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine that Spain and UK realise that the current situation is so bad that they need to work together. Imagine for one moment that for once both countries realise that the current bad times can be an opportunity to start a good friendship …

Well, what I say is like pure fiction but I would love to see in the current situation new ways to solve the current crisis. Instead I just see each country blaming the outside of the internal problems: the UK is in a bad situation because of the eurocrisis, Spain is in a bad situation because of the markets …

Let me give an idea of how Spain and the UK could join forces …

We all know that Spain and the UK are at odds about Gibraltar.

So instead of currently using Gibraltar to hide internal problems why not use Gibraltar to bring cash to Spain and the UK.

Do you imagine Olympic Games 2032 hoster in La Linea de la Concepción and Gibraltar. Or creating the tallest rollcoaster of Europe which is made in the border bewteen Gibraltar and La linea so that people in the rollercoaster change territory while in the rollercoaster.

Or why not looking into the broader world … Both the UK and Spain are unhappy with Argentina. Why not try to make a partnership between the three countries?

The most spoken languages in the US are Spanish and English. When you are in New York the languages you here most on the streets are Spanish and English. So if one of the coolest cities of the world speaks English and Spanish could not the UK and Spain see that they may have a future to share?

George Orwell wrote Homage to Catalonia. In the hard times, the UK may have not been always supporting democracy in Spain but writers like George Orwell came to Sapin to fight for the republic. Even Margaret Thather, so loathed by some, was one of the few politicians worldwide who condemned the coup d’etat of 1981 in Spain.

And there is also another reason to work togehter and not against each other. We know the good things we have. People in Spain travel to London and know what amazing city you have: the more interesting bug city in Europe. And the landscape in England is so nice. And in Spain there are a lot of tourists from the UK. So, in contrast with older centuries, now we know each other better. Why should behave as old enemies?

The hard times that is currently living Europe should open us and not the opposite!


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