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This is weird. During decades the citiziens of some parts of Europe have had the doors open in Europe so that people in the EU can more or less move from one country to another. The weird thing is that when you may really need the doors to be open then the doors close.

There are news from the UK saying that if the euro collapses there may be contingency measures. Greece and Spain are mentioned.

So it is possible that if things go worse for Spain then London closes its doors to Spaniards.

Well, first of all I must say that I understandd prefectly well that the UK is worried about a massive influx of people fleeing an hypothetical collapse of the eurozone.

So if the UK closes its doors I cannot say anything against that but I can say what the my contingent measures would be:

– I would stop buying TWINNINGS TEA immediately. If I cannot go to London then I do not want to buy tea from this wonderful London brand.

– I would stop writing “theatre” and I would begin to write “theater”, ie, I would start writing American English instead of British English.

– I would continue listening th the BBC but in secret, without telling anybody!

– I would ask Spain to close the border with Gibraltar if that is possible not breaking any international law.

– I would ask Spanish government to use English as less as possible in official websites and instead use French or German (provided France and Germany do not close its doors too!)

– I would ask Spanish government to treat British tourists that come to Spain as possible people who come to work here so i would put a lot of trouble to come in. Just in exactly the same way that the British may do.

– If the restrictions to Spaniards start before the Olympic Games then a boycott to the Olympic Games may only be done if the whole eurozone decides that.

– English schools should be encouraged to get teachers of English from outside the UK: Ireland, US, Australia, New Zealand , …

– I would join the Greek to dennounce the UK for not letting enter Greek citizens to visit the Elgin marbles at the British Museum.

IF THE UK CLOSES ITS DOORS TO GREECE THEN THE MARBLES SHOULD BE RETURN TO GREECE. (I have never been very hard in asking the British Museum to return the marbles because one of the best things of London are the Elgin marbles and as I am closed to London than to Athens …)

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