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These lasts days the news related to Spain are so bad that I am wondering if there is any good news so that I can write about it. And I have found surprisingly good news. Here are the good news I have found about Spain:

1. No war is taking place in Spain. It is almost three quarters of a century without a war in Spain!

2. Nobody is dying of hunger in Spain! I repeat: Nobody is dying of hunger in Spain!

I think that with the last news is enough to celebrate a big fiesta but let me adding good news:

3. No nuclear disaster is currently taking place in Spain!

4. The sun still rises in Spain as usual!

5. It still rains in Spain!

6. Birds still sing in the morning as usual!

7. The government is not killing its citizens as in other places!

8. The Spaniards were able to choose in a free poll the current government.

9.No big tsunami or earthquake or big flood is currently affecting Spain.

And finally and not least …

10 The Spanish moon that once Marlene Dietrich mentioned in a film still shines as usual in Spain.

So, in brief, we are not killing each other, we are still not dying of hunger, we were able to choose our government, the sun still rises each morning and the moon can be seen at night and birds still sing each morning.

Well, that are the good news from Spain. To read the rest of the news about Spain, any current frontpage of any newspaper anywhere will tell you too!


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