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Mariano Rajoy en Bilbao. Imagen tomada por Ike...

Mariano Rajoy says we do not need external help.

These lasts days I feel not very well. The fact that Spain is news around the world makes me quite nervous?

This morning, the president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, said that Spain is not needing external help. And it is not going to ask.

In principle, the idea of not asking for external help seems good. It is like in a family. A part of a family only asks money to the ret of the family in case of extreme necessity. So I like that Mariano Rajoy says that we don’t need external help.

But let’s imagine that the borrowing costs for the Spanish debt spiral more and more. Should not then Spain ask for an intervention?

These days there is a lot of silence from Europe. But I am sure that in fact phone calls from Berlin in Russia (sorry, I mean Germany …) are ringing in Madrid very oft and that a lot of talk is going one between Germany, Brussels and Madrid.

What I do not understand is why the ECB does not buy more Spanish bonds? There must be a reason!

As investors want the security that Spain is going to pay back maybe Spain could put its paintings as the security! But not to anyone but to other countries. Just for a period of time! Let qatar and Saudi Arabia help us with the debt and let them have the paintings of El Prado for 10 years. I know it seems crazy but if the situation is so hard.

Or why not buy quite cheaply the houses to people from the European Union? Why not try to bring people from the rest of Europe here who can help us in someway in new technologies, etc?

Anyway, it is crazy to live like this. I wonder how the Greek can cope with this! Maybe it is time we learn from the German people but also from the Greek people!


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