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To be sincere I do not know exactly how much I should trust the Spànish bonds. So, if I had to buy Spanish bonds I would think about that and I would act accordindly. But one thing it is sure that I had never ner done in my life, not even in my wildest dreams: to buy shares of Facebook.

Are we not living in a weird world? Some investors do not trust a country with millions of people behind it to support it and at the same time the buy shares of Facebook!

Obviously the investors who bought shares of Facebook are not necessarily the same that do not want Spanish bonds but it speaks volumes about human stupidity that thousands of people bought shares of Facebook and at the same time flee away from Spanish bonds.

I do not feel pity whatsoever for anyone who bought shares of Facebook. It is not necessary to know much about Internet to know that Facebook is a trend and that it is crazy to invest in a trend! Because trends come and trends goSo, as I said I do not know if I would buy Spanish bonds but if I had to choose I obviously would buy first Spanish bonds because trends pass and countries stay for a bit longer. And if things go wrong with facebook you just gave the money to some few rich and with Spain you didn’t.

I imagine that some people only do what the Financial Times and maybe the FT was not so critical with Facebook as it is with the eurozone …


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