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I do not know if it has happened to you but I would love to be in Athens for some hours just to see how the situation is in the Greek capital. I would love to have a first hand image of what is going on. Is the situation so bad as I imagine? Or do I imagine it much worse than in reality?

Well, in this post I won’t tell you how the situation is in Athens but in Catalonia as I am living currently in Catalonia. It is up to you to contrast the news in the newspapers with the facts and I tell here.

First of all, let me tell that there are two Catalonias!: The one on the media and the one on the streets. The one on the media is terrible. The media tells us each day the bad situation we are in. Bankia and the Spanish yield of the bonds are very important news here. So any person here can hear what is going on. Another thing very different is if they listen to what they hear …

Then there is the catalonia you can see in the street. This is the one I want to share with any readers from any place of the world:

– One of the good news is to still see people from Morocco as usual. If they still prefer to be here than return back to Morocco this is a sign that we are not in such a bad situation.

– Cars can be seen through the streets still. The streets are full of cars so some people in Catalonia still can afford to pay the fuel as usual.

– No more buildings are built. These last years the cities were full of cranes. Now, for some years, almost no new buildings are built.

As you see in the street the situation does not seem so bad but it is also true that people can be suffering inside the houses. We have a lot of jobless people but when you go to the street you just see people.

What I mean is that the situation is bad because there is a lot of jobless people and we have the problems with the banks ans so on (it is not nice to see the offices of Bankia) while you promenade through the street) but I have the feeling that the situation is not so bad for some. Maybe they earn less now than before but when you are in the street you don’t see chaos or a terrible mess. Maybe people have less jeans than before, the cars are no so new, but in general the street remains as usual. New shop open. Other close but the streets are full of people as usual.

So, i am surew that when we go to bed some people are anxious about the current situation but when you go through the street you don’t see any big change.

In brief, if you have money, Catalonia is still a wonderful place to be. If you have money …

Public health and Education have received a lot of cuts these lasts months so, as I say, Catalonia is a nice place to live, if you have money and you can afford to pay for your education and your health.

I have the feeling as if we were returning to the 80’s or something. We were worse than this last years but we were not in such a terrible situation.


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