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Mariano Rajoy en un mitín en Cataluña


French newspaper Le Monde criticises that Spanish president Mariano Rajoy does not ask help from Europe as the situation in Spain is so critical.

Well, here I explain why I agree with Mariano Rajoy not asking for help. Let me say by the way, that I am not at all a supporter of the party of Mariano Rajoy but for once I like the way he is acting!

Some may say that he should be less proud and ask for help. Well, I think it is not just to be proud or not. It is the fact of being free or not! If we ask Europe for help then we are even more slaves from Europe.

There is a country that is called Cuba. It is a very poor country and unfortunately there is no democracy. But Cuba has something that I am sure that makes a lot of Cubans very proud: IT IS NOT IN THE HANDS OF THE US. They are poor but feel free with respect to the big neighbour.

But let’s return to Spain …

I think that Spain must not ask for help because it is better to be alone that with bad companies. And Germany is a bad company. All the problems we are having could have been solved if Germany was ruled by somebody who knows where Berlin is. Germany is OK in not accepting eurobonds. But if you do not want eurobonds then you must leave the euro.

I think Spain must not give up even if the rates for the bonds go up and up. We should resist until Germany accepts the eurobonds.

I prefer to be hungry and free than to be ruled from Berlin. I trust Mariano Rajoy. I do not trust a country whose chancellor thinks Berlin is in Russia. I feel as if Germany was ruled by a housewife!

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