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This is post written on May 30th 2012. It is not thought for general reading although anyone can read it. It is thought to be read in some months or years by the one who wrote it.

So, this is for myself but in a future time. So let me explain how I felat how I was feeling as I was writing this!:

Well, it was quite late at night and I could not sleep. Some days ago we knew that a bank called BANKIA would nead about 19000 millions of euros. At the same time the yield of the Spanish bonds was close to 7 per cent. The editorial of Le Monde was telling Mariano Rajoy to ask for help to Europe and not be so proud and so quixotesc. Meanwhile the Catalan politicians were worried, like always, in internal problems, in this case a fiscal pact, with Spain. The Financial Times as usual was not bringing good news to Spain and said that the ECB could not help Bankia in the way Spanish government had mentioned. So the news were terrible. You were quite anxious. it was the first time in your life in decades that Spain was in such a bad situation. And in this case it was Spain and the euro so it was not just Spain. To go to sleep in such a situation was crazy. Few times had you been so nervous. But you were tired so you ended this post and you went to bed to try to sllep. The rest you should know now … In any case, rember that if the situation when you read this is much worse than when I read that if you are reading this it may mean you are not so bad as you may think! Good Night, and Good Luck,



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