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This morning I was watching a Catalan tv channel and at some point I have the feeling as if some of the people talking would prefer in some way that Spain is intervened so that we are ruled from Brussels instead of being rules from Madrid.

As there is a big dislike in Catalonia of being ruled from Madrid there is the possibility that some say the intervention of Spain as a good thing: The Spanish politicians in Madrid are so bad that it is better to be ruled from Brussels.

But I think this is a mistake. Governments in Madrid may do things that we like or not in Catalonia but at least they know what we want.

In Madrid there are people that know us. Politicians in Madrid dislike Catalonia to feel as a nation but at least they know us much better than people from Brussels. People in Madrid they know that we in Catalonia speak Catalan. They may like that more or less but they know. What do people know in Brussels know about Catalonia.

Some people in Madrid would be extremely happy with a Spain without autonomous communities but they know that, unfortunately for them, such a Spain would mean a lot of terrible trouble. They know that in Catalonia and Euskadi and other places we would never accept that. On the other hand people from Brussels could have no problem in dismantling the autonomous communities if this means less spend.

In summary what I mean is that we in Spain know each other. We may dislike each other but we know that and we act accordingly.

The football is a good example. A government in Madrid knows perfectly well that football is essential in Spain. A government from Brussels could ask for taxes to clubs and it would feel it is being fair by just asking the same to all the clubs.

What I mean is that it is better to be ruled from a place that you know and they know you than from a faceless Europe.

A Madrid government will treat Catalonia in an unfair way so that we continue paying a lot and receiving not much but at least you know they know you are one of the most prosperous part of the state. Meanwhile, people from Brussels will treat us just as people from southern Europe who just spend too much.

Mariano Rajoy is from Galizia. So, whatever he feels more Spanish than Galizian or whatever it is obvious he knows that Spain is a place where we speak different languages.

The best to buy a Europe with a future should be to understand the Europeans around you. And if we do not understand ourselves with the rest of the people from the peninsula how should we understand us with the whole Europe?

People from Madrid will treat Catalonians in a good or bad way but you can be sure they consider us as this part of Spain that is very prosperous but that unfortunately for Madrid is always asking for more. On the other hand people from Brussels  will treat Catalonia just as one part more of the disastrous zone of Southern Europe.

Besides, there was a poll to choose Mariano Rajoy. If we are ruled from Brussels then we will be ruled by some surreal set of people that we did not choose!

Anyway, I am afraid that now there are people in Spain and Catalonia that would be happy if Spain is intervened. Some people in Catalonia could be happy as this would mean a disaster to blame Spain. And maybe some people in Spain may also like an intervention as then they could say that the Spain of the autonomous communities was the responsible of the disaster.

In any case, I am like Mariano Rajoy. I like to ask help only when I cannot more. I maybe right or wrong in doing so but in this sense I am like Mariano Rajoy: I like to rely on myself.

As I have said in this blog I prefer to be hungry and free than rich and live in a cage.

Mariano Rajoy en Bilbao. Imagen tomada por Ike...




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