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Europe - Satellite image - PlanetObserver

Europe – Satellite image – PlanetObserver (Photo credit: PlanetObserver)

Somebody in Europe or the ECB must speak load and clear and say WHY THE ECB IS LEAVING SPAIN TO ITS OWN DEVICES?

Why is the ECB not helping anymore Spain?

Has Europe decided to let Spain fall too like it happened with Ireland, Portugal and Greece?

These hours are very important for me because they are the right time to see which friends we have in Europe. What I see these hours, these days, is going to have a lasting impact in the way I would see other countries of Europe in the following decades.

For now, I only see the Financial Times giving advice! You can agree with it or not but at least I like that somebody says something! The British media tells Mariano Rajoy not to resist if it wants to end like Ireland.

But I would like to listen to Hollande, to Merkel.

It is strnage. Spain is full of torists from around Europe but now that we are in a difficult time nobody says anything.

Could Russia help us? Anybody there in Moscow?

Can China help us? Anybody there in Beijing?

Can Qatar help us? Anybody there in Doha?

Can the UK help us in some way? Anybody in London?

Hello, Mr Obama? Are you there?

Señor Rajoy, where are they?


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