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How you realised how much time you have been wasting reading or writing or thinking or watching something related to the eurocrisis?

T some people the crisis is affecting their lives in a direct way as they are jobless, etc. But here I am thinking just about all the hours that humanity has lost.

How many hours have we the Europeans lost with being worried about the eurocrisis?

How much is affecting our health.

As we know that in Europe there was World War II and millions of people died maybe it seems stupid to consider the effects that the eurozone crisis is having in us.

But I do not know if it is me or it happens to more people but I have problems to sleep! The fact that Spain could be intervened and what this means for Spain and Europe makes me quite anxious.

At school they teach us a lot of things but they do not teach us essential things. One essential thing to teach would be to live in a calm way even if tomorrow it may seem that the world is going to end in the way we know.

These days I think a lot about the Greek people. I have realises how lonely they must have felt these las t months as the rest of Europe blame them of the eurocrisis. For sure Greece has some blame. But all the Greek?

I also think about Ireland and Portugal. They are not much in the news. Are the things improving there?

Spain is now in the main news. All Europe and the world is wondering what may happen with Spain in the next hours, in the next days.

One of the good things of all this terrible situation is that I have realised that I have a certain sympathy for the president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy.

Iif I have problems sleeping I wonder how he can sleep! Poor Don Mariano! He is the captain of a ship inside a terrible storm. I would like he know there is someone in the ship that cares for him, that although is not from his party, agrees with him in not asking help from Europe.

Now it is a moment for all the different people in Spain to for once to agree in something.

Spain is a very difficult country. It is a place of such a diversity and tension. In some way Spain is a kind of little Europe. The eurozone has 17 countries and Spain has 17 autonomous regions. One of them is Catalonia, where I am and where a lot of people have a very strong national feeling. THE.CAT is related to catalonia. .cat is a domain related to Catalan culture.

While I cannot sleep becuase of the situation of Spain I remember that on the other side of the Mediterranean there is a place call Syria where each day a lot of people die in the hands of their own government.

And then I feel a bit ashamed that I cannot sleep just because here we have economical problems.

But I feel that in some way my worry is not so crazy. If you think carefully about the eurocrisis what can you see in the end? Another bloodshed in Europe. Not tomorrow but maybe in ten years time or later. If Europe does not succeed with the euro nobody can say that we won’t return back to have war between us.

So, if I cannot sleep at night is not just because Spain is having an economical problem. It is because I fear that this is the start of a future war in Europe. If I only saw this as a Spanish problem I think I could sleep. Because I just could have the dream just to cross the Pyrenees. But I am afraid that if Spain needs help from Europe this is th end of Europe. And if this happens some will blame Spain. But I would blame Angela Merkel. Eurobonds is what a common currency needs and Germany is killing the euro by not accepting the eurobonds.

Bye bye Europe. I will try to sleep. After all, no bombs are still falling into European soil.


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