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These last days I feel as if Spain was  not inside the European Union. I feel that a lot of silence surrounds Spain.

But what is going on?

Is Angela Merkel calling Mariano Rajoy? Is there a communication between Madrid and Brussels and Berlin? Is Spain talking with other countries to see what to do next?

As far as I can see it seems that we are very alone. Mariano Rajoy has said that Spain won’t ask for help from Europe.

These days the ECB does not buy more Spanish bonds. What has happened? Why it used to buy and now not anymore?

Has Europe decided that it is the right moment for Spain to be intervened?

Which are the pressures that Mariano rajoy is receiving from Europe?

Has Barack Obama called Mariano Rajoy? Has China or Qatar call Mariano Rajoy?

It is weird. catalan newspapers are writing now a lot about the fiscal pact with the Spanish government. That is is very important of Catalonia but it seems to me a bit surreal that Spain may be intervened tomorrow and that we continue just with the agenda that we used to have as usual.

I do not know for how long this can continue but this is crazy.

I feel as when you are sick and you are going to lose conscience. Sould I put money in one side so that I can pay the Internet connection in the following months?

Well, in any case, I may keep this blog and the posts to remmber how I live the days when Spanish almost became intervened or was intervened.

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