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A big mistake of Barack Obama has brough anger to Poland as Obama has said “Polish death camps” to refer to the camps that nazi Germany built in Poland. I have not thought about this point but I understant the Poles.

Some days ago Angela Merkel thought that Berlin was in Russia. As far as I know the Russian government is not asking the German government for an apology. A mistake is a mistake. So I wonder what would have happened if Angela Merkel had put Berlin in Poland instead of Russia. Would the poles also be so angered as now?

In any case thanks to the mistake of Obama now we are remembering the tragedy of the holocaust. And as long as we remember what took place I hope it is more difficult it happens again. All the episode could have a perfect end if Obama speaks to the Poles and acknowledges his mistake. Nobody is perfect in this world.




  1. Tadeusz ⋅

    The comparison is not that good. I would prefer one saying that the attack on World Trade Center was done by US Airplanes. I wonder what would Americans say about such.

  2. Norf ⋅

    Shitty comparison.

  3. Norf, you are right. Now I have changed VS so that the post cannot be seen as a comparision but as a list of two mistakes currently made by top world politicians.

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