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Anyone knowing a bit of Spanish history will know that one of the weakest points of Spain is that there is not just one hard nationalistic feeling but more than one. This weaker point sometimes can be very good because it can create such teams as Barça and Real Madrid which would be unthinkable as they are now if Barcelona and Madrid spoke just the same language.

In Catalonia there are a lot of people that are very unhappy with being ruled from Madrid. For example, now we are having very austere measures while we give money to the rest of Spain to even some places where austerity has not come (yet) so harshly.

So while nationalistic people in Madrid is obvious that will be against an intervention from Europe it may happen that people in Catalonia, being fed up of being ruled from Madrid would not find so badly to be intervened.

But in this post I want to make clear that an intervention of Spain would be also no good at all for Catalonia and that in this case the nationalists of Madrid and the nationalists of Barcelona should join together to defend the interests of Madrid and Barcelona!

If Europe intervenes Spain that would mean that someone from Russia, sorry I mean Berlin, will tell someone in Brussels to tell somebody in Madrid what the austerity measures must by applied in Barcelona. Is thisvery democratic and attractive?

What I mean is that is better that Catalonia joins Spain in supporting Mariano Rajoy in not asking for help from Europe.

We are living in a very difficult time. Never before in the last decades hd we been in such a critical situation. If Catalonia has not much power in Spain I wonder how much power could it have in Spain is intervened.

Some years ago Catalan players showed the Catalan flag as the Spanish football team won the World Football Cup in South Africa.

Now far from winning any cup we are on the brink of losing the few choices we still can make.

Some centuries ago the French invaded us and after much blood and tears we got rid of them. Will we let now the Germans invade us?

If Spain gets intervened this means that Barcelona is ruled from Berlin. That is against democracy.

Madrid maybe happy in ending with the autonomus communities but knows that this is against common sense. I suspect that Angela Merkel would not have any problem finishing with the Autonomies if that means less expenses.

Some people from madrid may insult the Catalan people as some Catalan people insult people from Madrid. But one think is for sure, for people from Madrid we are Catalan people. For Anngela Merkel we would be all Spaniards to be mistrust. If she does not know even where Berlin is how on earth can you expect that she would take into account that Barcelona is in Catalonia.


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