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There is the sense in Catalan media and I also share this sense that Europe wants to intervened Spain. It is not a choice they love to but I have the feeling that Angela Merkel has decided that is the best option for the euro. They do not trust Spain so the best is to bailout Spain. It will cost a lot of money but Spain with with in the hands of seroius people from Europe so that people in Russia, I mean in Berlin …, can sleep well at night.

The fact that the ECB is not buying Spanish bonds tells volumes about the isolation of the current Spanish government. But is is so alone as it seems?

Well, it is not! Mariano Rajoy has the support of THE.CAT at least. I support Mariano Rajoy. I have not voted for him not I am of the same ideology of him but I trust him more than Angela Merkel who does not even know where Berlin is (let alone the rest of Europe, I am afraid …)

So it is not just the markets that are against Spain, EUROPE IS ALSO AGAIN SPAIN OR AT LEAST EUROPE DOES NOT TRUST SPAIN.

So, I propose that Spain puts as a warranty that will pay its debts (the cause of all this mess) all his assets that are priceless! Why not put the whole MUSEO DEL PRADO as a warrant on the condition that the paintings must remain in Spain.

My idea is that we put paintings and buildings as a warrant. If we cannot pay back then MUSEU DEL PRADO passes to Germany,etc for 50 years. Germany or other country could say that the MUSEO DEL PRADO belongs to them. The conditions are that the paintings should remain in Spain (going abroad only as it is usual between museums)

Another possibility would be to give as warrants the thousands of buildings that have been built so that people from the rest of Europe could come here at summer or at any time.

I do not know, I know things that I say are non-sense but I know that Spain has things that can be used in this case of crisis.

It is true that this lasts years we have bought too many houses and now we have problems with the debt but it is true that now Spain offers cities and villages that could be good for people from Europe to come.

Why the German people should come to Spain for holidays? Why don’t come to live here?

The problem in Europe, in contrast with the US is that we still live according to the language we speak! That must be the change of the 21th century in Europe.

What must make a German proud is not Germany but the German culture and attitude. Europe should made of different communities related to icultures, not to territories! We should not think about Germany or Spain. We should think more about German culture, Spanish culture, Catalan culture.

Once we do that German people, Spanish people, Catalan people, French people should live in whatever place of Europe they want as it happens in the US. We just need a common language like in the US. That is the real problem in Europe: we do not have a common language!

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