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… or this is the feeling I have.
The European mirror has finally broken itself and I have waken up from a long dream. During decades and decades I have been dreaming of a magical place called Europe where I could find all that I had not. In my dream I even dreamt that I enter that magical world called Europe. The people in Europe received me with a big smile and they even let me play with one game called The Euro. I played so much with that game that I even thought that the game belonged to me.

But now I have realised that all that magical world call Europe was just on my mind. I imagine that Europe would solve all my problems.

Now I just see that all of a sudden, when I am really in a bad situation the Europe I dreamt has disappeared. Where I used to see a beautiful blonde German girl now I see an old German woman who looks at me with mistrust.


I walk through the streets of Europe and I say HOLA? HOLA? And I receive no answer whatsoever. I only see people looking at me with mistrust behind the curtains of their windows.

I feel as a fool. I remember when I used to play with my European friends. I was happy and although some other European players played better than me I was happy to play with them. I just had the dream of one day to play like them.

But now I am alone. When I look at the mountains of the Pyrinees I do not see Europe at the other side. I don’t see anything.

But I am not alone. Near me a have an old Portuguese friend who has remained silent for months. Far away I see a Greek friend who is weeping surrounded by silence.

So, I do not know what to do. I see two options however …


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