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These last days have been horrible for Spain. The Bankia affair, historical yields and even a reprimand from the ECB and the silence from Europe. But finally Angela Merkel has said something in favour of Spain.

It is very important this because if you ask a a lot of austerity to Spain but at the same time you do not support the country that is following austerity then people may feel we are left to our own devices.

Spain needs Angela.

I think we all should see the eurocrisis as a wonderful opportunity to creat a great continent where wherever you are inside the eurozone you know that the politicians act with a minimum of responsability. The eurocrisis may achieve this. But is is a hard thing to do and we need feedbacks and the sense that we are doing this hard thing together with other people.

Angela Merkel may not know but just the fact that she says that Spain is doing things right is very good news for me. Because is she remains silent then I have the feeling that Spain is doing something so bad that the rest of partners do not want to do anything with us.

Angela Merkel is the face of the euro. If she saves the euro and we have euros in a decade I propose her face can be put in a 2 euro coin.

So, Angela, please do not live us. Be harsh with us but let us breath too!


  1. Angela Merkel is the only voice of reason among the majority of the EU leaders. Every time she says no to the socialists I feel like sending her a dozen roses. I sure wish she would have been born here in the US and managing our economy.

    Angela is getting a lot of pressure to go along with plans to artificially inflate the European economy with Euro-bonds or printing more Euro. This is the socialists answer to everything, give the people more money and more spending on programs and the economy will fix itself.

    World history shows this this type economic management has never worked (ever!) unless of course you are building a war machine! 🙂


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