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One of the reasons why I recommend anyone having a blog is that it gives you a hint of the worries of other people. Some people may see a blog just as a place to put posts and comments but there is one part that sometimes it is even more interesting.

If you go to the statistic part of your blog in you can see the searches that bring visitors to your website. These searches are related to your content but the exact search is made by somebody else. So, for some months I have been receiving searches like “WHEN WILL THE EURO COLLAPSE”, “WHAT HAPPENS IF THE EURO COLLAPSES?” and so. These searches do not mean that I am saying the same that the search says but that I write about the same although maybe to say the opposite.

So today, FOR THE FIRST TIME, I have received a search that says “ARE GERMAN BONDS SAFE?”.

This search speaks volumes about where Germany is heading if Angela Merkel does not accept eurobonds. The collapse of Greece, Spain, etc is just the prelude of the whole Europe. And the fall of Germany will be the worst because in Greece and Spain we came from a past that we were rich. Germany is still rich.

Anyway, I leave this for Angela Merkel: I am receiving searches saying “ARE GERMAN BONDS SAFE?”

I understand perfectly well the search. How can you trust Germany when you see that Germany does not defend its currency? People are feeling safe under the German roof because it is one of the few in the European house that still has not fall down. But the whole house is on fire. And Germany, as if blind, when sees that so many people go under its roof feels very comfortable because it makes them feel better than the other countries without roof. But it does not realise that once the fire has burnt the other roofs then the German roof will be the next. Angela Merkel seems to me a nice person and I like her but I am afraid she is bringing Germany to disaster. She does not realise that by not paying for a common roof (eurobonds) the German roof will fall too.

If I had to buy bonds I would no buy German bonds in any case. Who wants to have bonds in euros anyway? (anyone reading this outside the eurozone must be laughing. A blog from a part of the eurozone saying that German bonds should not be trusted. And this person will be right. This is crazy. But what do you want? If the main country behind the euro does not want eurobonds why should I feel part of the same ship as Germany? I only know that if Spain has to leave the euro I would put all my savings, if any, in pounds or dollars.

I am fed up with the way that Germany is acting in the eurocrisis. The whole world is laughing at us. And Germany is acting in such a destructive way. HOW CAN THE WORLD TRUST THE EUROZONE WHEN GERMANY IS AGAINST EUROBONDS. With Angela Merkel as chancellor of Germany it is obvious that the euro will collapse.  Congratulations to the UK. You have been the only wise people.


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