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It is weird. I love to write about the eurocrisis, etc but when there is a news related to the eurozone that does not add more trouble to the euro then I just want to keep silent. But this should not be so finally so I have decided to tell the world that if they want to have nice holidays one wonderful place to be is Ireland. I have never been yet but during years I have been watching guides and maps and even flights! Ryanair flights!

I just wish the best for Ireland. While Greece has all Europe on tenterhooks Ireland brings calm to Europe.

Let me end by saying that if you love quotations you have to go to look for the quotations of a genius from Ireland: Oscar Wilde. And if you like films there is a wonderful film related to a history of James Joyce in Dubliners that is one of the sweetest films I have ever seen. It is about a supper in a house.

I also have to say that although I like very much England and London for me it is very important too that Ireland keeps the euro. Because the Irish chose mainland Europe instead of the UK when they thought about their current currency. So I appreciate that. I think that Ireland is giving an image of people who know how to handle hard times. People to trust. I don’t want for Dublin more prosperity than London as I love England. But I don’t want either less prosperity for Dublin than London as I love Ireland.


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