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Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre, where Boris Alexandr...

Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre, where Boris Alexandrov began to learn his trade, performing alongside great performers such as Chaliapin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I think of Russia I always thing of the people of the other side of Europe. After all Barcelona and Moscow are more or less in the two extremes of Europe.

The wife of Salvador Dali, Gala, was from Russia. And Russia with the Hermitage has one of the best collection of European arts.

So, why is Russia and the EU always at odds? Cannot we forget once and for all the cold war?

Russia sent to Eurovision a set of old women that got an universal appeal at the time of voting for them. Unfortunately Syria divides us. But we have not to forget that if we blame Russia of not acting in the right way in Russia it is also true that no country in Europe has withdrawn its ambassadors from Moscow.

Sometimes, I have the feeling as if russia wanted that Western Europe was a disaster zone. In this way it could have more influence and rule from Portugal to Vladivostock.

But there is another option. This year Chelsea wan the Champions. As we know Chelsea gets the money from Abramovich! If Russia changed a bit maybe this year the Champions would have been won by a Russian team as maybe Abramovich would have preferred to stay in Moscow.

I respect very much Russian culture and I find the Russian people are some of the most enigmatic and beautiful people in the world. I love Chejov and Tchaikovsky.

So, could not Russia try to be closer to the rest of Europe? I think Russia should choose Europe as a place to have friends.

Why is so that New York seems to me much closer than Moscow? Without cold war why should Russia not be in better terms with the rest of the old continent?


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