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These last hours bad news come from Argentina. Some fool in Spain maybe happy about Argentina having problems as her president nationalised a Spanish company.
This is not my case. It was quite sad to see the Argentinian president laughing at Spanish economy some weeks ago when she said that she did not know how Spain would buy organic fuel as it had rejected to buy Argentinian biofuel. Now we see that Argentina has also problems.

All this is giving me the reason when I said that it was crazy that Spain and Argentina were against each other.

If things go very bad for Argentina some people form Argentina may wish to go abroad and Spain could be a first step. And if Spain goes badly we can go to Europe (if it does not close the doors) but it is obvious that Buenos Aires could be a very good choice if Argentina was a place with jobs.

So now we find that Spain is on the brink of an intervention from Europe. I even remember some people were afraid of a corralito in Spain. On the other hand in Argentina people return to cazoladas as there are problems to get dollars.

I hope Cristina think over the situation and people in Argentina realize that we need each other.

So it would be nice that Spain and Argentina ambassadors meet now and start to think how to help each other! Some decades ago we had democracies in both palces. Now we have democracies. Should it be difficult for both countries to find a way to help each other.

I wonder if the whole Europe won’t end like Argentina. By changing euros to dollars and the authorities not allowing that in an easy way.

To end I ask Spain to buy again biofuel to Argentina. Our love for the Argentinian people must be above Argentina having a president that laughs at our disgraces. Argentina is much more that Cristina.

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