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In the last posts I have shown complete support to Mariano Rajoy when he says that htere is no need to ask for help from Europe. But …

Well, if Spain askes for help I am sure than then we will feel as if we did not have elected an government and we are ruled from Berlin. I think we should be very aware that to accept a bailout would mean that we will be almost directly ruled from unelected people in Brussels or Berlin.

On the other hand I do not want to be acting as a fundamentalist so I think it is good not to have very fixed ideas (like Angela has about th eurobonds!) so that I am starting to consider that it is not just what happens in Spain. As a citizne of the eurozone I should also take care of what is better for the eurozone!

So, a bailout for Spain, if Angela Merkel wants it, maybe it is a way to start to solve the problems in hte eurozone.

Obviously a bailout is a humiliation for Spain so I understand that a proud man like Mariano does not ask for help. But let think about this:

If we do not ask for a bailout what does it mean?: That we are strong and that we do not need it? Or that we are too proud and fools and araid of the future?

To ask for a bailout can seem as a weakness for Spain but maybe it is not so. To ask a bailout could mean that we are a mature country!: WE HAVE BEEN A DISASTER, WE HAVE SPEND TOO MUCH BUT WE WANT TO IMPROVE. SO WE ACCEPT WE NEED THE HELP FROM EUROPE BECAUSE WE ARE CONFIDENT IN US AND WE KNOW THAT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US IS A LESSON FOR THE FUTURE.

What happens to Spain is in someway similar to what may happen to anyone of us: imagine that we fail and we have to ask for money to our family. Our family knows we are in a very bad situation and offers money to us. We know that if we accept that money then the family will put some rules. So what we do? We continue as if we do not need help until we end starving and then the family helps us? Or we accept that we have been fools and we accept help from the family?

So, What is better? For how long will Europe let Spain decide? Just next week as the latest?

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