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This Sunday I will change my posts about a possible intervention of Spain for a nicer subject: THE CELEBRATIONS OF THE DIAMOND JUBILEE THROUGH THE THAMES WITH THE QUEEN AND A FLOTILLA.

Before continuing let me point out that I feel ashamed of having a king in Spain that hunts elephants but let’s go to the city of Elephant & Castle …

I will follow today the events in the Thames because I love the city of London and its river so I want to share with visitors my interest for this wonderful city.

This morning I have seen some images of Tower Bridge. I was very happy because it was possible to see nearby a very very high building! It is a new building and it is the highest in London and one of the highest in Europe. It has the shape of a pyramid.

By the way in London they are building a cable car about the Thames. It is not sure if it would be finished for the Olympics.

By the way, too, did you know that flotilla is a Castilian word? It sound weird to see that word used in such an special event. After all, Spain and Britain were fierce enemies at sea so it sounds weird to hear that a flotilla will be seen in The Thames following the Queen.

In this posts I will write about the bridges of The Thames in London and also about the buildings that you see from the bridges: The OXO TOWER, the BATTERSEA POWER STATION, etc

Below, in the related articles you have more information about the celebrations. In the first link you have the timetables. One of the things that interest me about this event is the vocabulary as I am improving my English. Words that I have found:






HAMMERSMITH BRIDGE: The boats begin to muster here.



BATTERSEA BRIDGE. Starting point.

ALBERT BRIDGE. This is a lovely very beautiful bridge. A must. In one part you have Chealsea with its beautiful houses and atmosphere. On the other side you have Battersea Park where family celebrations will take place. As it has views to the river I imagine it is a good place.

CHELSEA BRIDGE. At the other end of the park. Between this bridge and next bridge you have famous BATTERSEA POWER STATION. From Pimlico you may have good photos of the station and the flotilla.

VAUXHALL BRIDGE. This bridge has nearby, in the south a complex of buildings with tops that seem like birds. A round skyscraper is been built next to it. Near this bridge there is part where a yellow vehicle goes to the water as a tourist attraction usually. Will it be seen today?

LAMBETH BRIDGE. Near the old Tate and near Westminster but not so close as the next bridge:

WESTMINSTER BRIDGE. This is the bridge with BIG BEN next to it! And a lion on th eother side too! Nearby there is the LONDON EYE. Is it open? It would be amazing to be in the London Eye and see the flotilla.

HUNGERFORD BRIDGE. Here you have trains in the middle and then in its sides very modern bridges made for people. The design of the bridges for people are very nice but I wonder which part would I choose. I have not read that it is open so I don’t know. From here you have views of the City but with the Waterloo bridge unfortunately in th emiddle.

WATERLOO BRIDGE. I like this bridge to take photos of the city with St. Paul, The Gurke, etc.

BLACKFRIARS BRIDGE. I remember this bridge because it is on the guides for its beauty and for been an old bridge.

MILLENIUM BRIDGE. This is a “new”  modern bridge just for people that connects Tate Modern with St. Paul. One of the bridges I would like to be for the pageant. You seem to be floating but they solved its vibrations!



TOWER BRIDGE. This is the famous bridge! It is nice to go there and put one feet to each part of the bridge!! What a sensation. This is a very important place for the event of course and not far away the ship will disperse. Near this bridge there is the amazing City Hall of Norman Foster and you can see too the new highest sckyscraper of London! The SHARD. It is the highest building of the EU.  Only in Moscow have a taller building.

If I was in London I do not know which bridge would I choose to see the event.  I imagine that around Tower Bridge would be the best as the LONDON PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA will play from the a ship called SYMPHONY. But I imagine it will be too full. Around WESTMINSTER BRIDGE it would be nice … Go to the southern side and take a picture with the flotilla as it passes near the Big Ben and The Parliament.

I don’t know if it will be opened the bridge that goes from Tate Modern to St. Paul. The two bridges foe people near Embankment seem to me also good but I do not know which one is better. If you want the city as the background then I think it is better the Waterloo bridge.

It is weird because when we think about all this we may think a lot about the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and we may forget that a thte same time this event is a chant to the connection between humankind and the rivers and the sees. In some way it is like paying respect to the river Thames by the Queen of the Day.

I have read on the BBC website that there is a kind of celebration made i BATTERSEA PARK. I like this park because it has very nice lakes, has the Battersea power station not far away, has even a small pagoda, has of course views to the Thames and last but not least is next to the so beautiful bridge that  puts you in Chealsea: THE ALBERT BRIDGE.

I have read too that htey are going to lower down the LONDON BARRIER (this event does not go so far but it is a sriking  structure!) so that the river flows not so fast. I do not understand. If you want the river to go slow should not the barrier go up so that less water goes to the sea?

There is in London an attaction that I wish we had in Barcelona. It is yellow and I have seen it near Westminster cathedral and also inside the Thames (near Vauxhall bridge you can see a deconstruction of Darwin evolution … as the yellow gadget leaves the road and enters the river!) I wish this gadget was also on the flotilla because it would be a way to let the tourists in London to feel part of the event. I have never been in that yellow gadget but I like it!

0830 GMT

I have found a BBC website with maps, times, etc. It says that the bridges will be close to traffic (even Piccaddilly will be closed for first time in history!) but that Lambeth, Westminster and Blackfriars will be open just for the public. I do not understand why Waterloo is not mentioned. Is it closed?

This post is title LIVE NEWS so what I mean is that I will be writing the whole day about the event. So I am going first to find where I can find live views, live tweets, etc from the event!

It seems that there is too an AVENUE OR SAIL.There you will find ships that cannot go under the bridges of London. So they will moore there. The avenue starts after the water of The Thames leave Tower Bridge.

In the first link of this post you can see a map of London with the roads and bridges that will be closes, the location of big screens, the tube lines, etc. In you have information about the transport in London. The place, for example, to know about THE TUBE, THE BUSES, THE DLR, etc. I have found pdf with the map of London and the parts that will be closed.

1100 GMT I am goint to watch local news in catalonia to know what they show about the event. Remeber than when I say LIVE NEWS I just mean that I will be all the day writing about the event. It does not mean that I am live there! GO TO BBC WEBSITE FOR LIVE NEWS!

One of the best views will be from MILLBANK TOWER near Parliament. There will be tables with incredible views. Not cheap, however …:

13 GMT

Here I am again live. TV3, the Catalan public tv channel gave a lot of importance to this event (and also Argentina for another reason)
At the BBC there is an aerial video. You see Hammersmith Bridge but the rest I do not know if it is closer to the center of London.
It is incredible the publicity of London than this celebration is giving to. I come back here in some hours. These 60 years of Diamond Jubilee are also years with peace in most of Europe.


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