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It seems that Germany may accept Eurobonds if the states loses sovereignty and give it to Brussels so that the economies of the eurozone are ruled from Brussels.

This does not seem to me a bad proposal. That the way the money is spent can be controlled from Brussels does not seem a bad thing if we are sharing the same currency.

Germany could be in the good step by accepting eurobonds and at the same time asking a fierce control from Brussels.

If Germany is going to lose advantages it may ask things too.

Maybe at the end the things can be solved.

The economies are ruled from Brussels so that no countries can spend more than it has and at the same time the eurobonds bring stability to all.

I don’t think Angela Merkel is asking too much.

The problem is that all this should have been done before so now it is difficult to ask people in indebted countries to have even more austerity.

But in the long run, the things could be quite good for Europe. With a fiscal union we can be more sure than there is more control and at the same time with eurobonds the euro cannot be attack through the bonds of the states.

What may seem a disaster for the eurozone could be an opportunity to become stronger!

We just need to trust each other again and at the same time to put th econditions so that there is a control in what any country does!

If Angela Merkel accepts the eurobonds then I suppport her by asking a control of Brussels.

If Germany is ready to lose sovereignty why should other countries not?

I am happy that all news from Germany, via WSJ, are not bad for the future of Europe.


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