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It is amazing. One of the most successful histories in Spain is a supermarket chain called MERCADONA.

Today, the man behind this chain, JUAN ROIG, has said things that are pure common sense. I hope people listen to him. He uses a vocabulary very easy to understand like HAY QUE PONERSE LAS PILAS or NOS HEMOS HEMOS PASADO 30 PUEBLOS COMO PAIS.

I am not so in love with Mercadona as some people I know but I must admit that is nice to shop there because it is very clean and new and there is a lot of order. it is at milions of light years from other supermarkets I know. The image they give of themselves is very good. But I know other supermarkets of other chains that look a bit dirty and even are more expensive but where you can find amazing fruit that you do not find in Mercadona. Paying more and with a bad image of bad order and not so clean, however! In this sense I admire Mercadona.



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