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I don’t understand why the surplus of real state in Spain has not being used to seduce people from Europe to come to live in Spain. Spain could have the opportunity to solve a bit the real state surplus and at the same time it could create a kind of LITTLE EUROPE in Spain!

As far as I know there is no a place in Europe with a lot of people from all Europe. Maybe only cities like London, etc have people from all over the world.

My idea is to seduce Germans, French, Italian, Greek, etc to come to live in Spain!

In this way Spain would become more competitive because Spain would be a place to find a lot of people speaking the languages of the eurozone!

If Europe want to succeed it is time that we move between our countries! To be German, Catalan, etc should not mean you live in Germany, catalonia, etc. It only should mean that you are related to the German culture, the Catalan culture, etc …


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