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English: Various Euro bills.

English: Various Euro bills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this blog I have criticises a lot that Germany does not accept eurobonds. In this post I will try to put myself in German shoes and who knows what my conclusions may be!

Well, if I was German I would remember that during years and years money from Germany has been used to help other countries with funds. If I was from Germany I would think that now it is again the same: the rest of Europe wants Germany to pay again and again. If we accept Eurobonds it means that Germany pays more rates than now so that other pay less.

If I was German I would realise that eurobonds are obviously a way for Germany to pay more. On the other hand I would realise too that the currency of Germany, the euro, is at risk because of other countries who acted as the new rich! So, if I was German I would feel like blackmailed from some countries of Europe: They spent too much and now they want GERMANY TO PAY AGAIN THEIR FIESTA!

So, if I was from Germany I would be quite unhappy with Greece and Spain: so much years pouring money and to no avail! On the other hand I would also be a bit critical of myself because been so good for my things I was not able to forsee all this chaos coming.

So, as pouring money to Europe has been a waste of money I would be weary of putting more money. But at the same time I would know that Europe needs a solution in order to save the euro that I shared with these countries where the fiesta and la siesta has lasted for too long.

So I would ask for control of its economies from Brussels understanding that at the same time, being Germany so powerful, Brussels would do what Germany says. That is th eleast to ask I I have to put the money I would think!

Then, if I have to help Spain what could I ask? Well, I know they have a marvelous museum called EL MUSEO DEL PRADO with wonderful paintings. I also know that SPAIN is one of the countries with more kilometers for high speed trains. Well, I would ask Spain to lend me the museum and the train services if they cannot return back the money that Europe should put to help Spanish banks.


As I was writing that imagining I was writing from a german view I have realised that a lot of people in Spain would be very angry to give up El Prado just to save private banks! So, my idea of the MUSEO DEL PRADO I think is not good! But the high speed train may be not such a controversial idea maybe.


Germans do not be fooled! It is not just a question between Germany and the rest of the world that opposes German views! I think that the Germans are QUITE RIGHT in general. IT IS VERY COMMON SENSE NOT TO WANT EUROBONDS IF IT IS JUST TO HELP COUNTRIES WHOSE ECONOMIES ARE NOT RULED IN A WAY THAT GERMANY CAN BE SURE IS RIGHT?

Germany has been pouring money to the rest of Europe and now we know that some countries have just acted like a fool. So I am with Germany in asking the rest of Europe strick control of the economies.

But at the same time, GERMANY must realise that if the eurozone want s to left behind the EUROCRISIS, it must leave the eurocrisis ALL TOGETHER: AND THAT MEANS A LITTLE POORER ALL TOGETHER!

The fact that Germany is almost alone and that there is a majorityoutside who wants Germany changing its mind does not mean that Germany is wrong!

I congratulate Germany because it is an example to Europe. If other countries want eurobonds they should do the homework first! THE.CAT only would say that Germany must realise that although it is right in the general idea, the implementation should have some FLEXIBILITY! A kind of eurobonds are needed right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY NOT HAVE NOW SOME LIMITED EUROBONDS SO THAT THE MARKETS CAN CALM DOWN, GERMANY DOES NOT PAY ALL THE BILL, AND THE REST OF EUROPE REALISES THAT IF THE HOMOWORK IS NOT DONE THERE WON’T BE MORE EUROBONDS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE?

Germany is right in asking austerity and not wanting eurobonds until there is fiscal union but it must realise that if something is not done NOW hte patient WILL DIE.

It is as if we have a very very fat patient. Then a German doctor tells him that the solution is not to eat too much and that he won’t be allowed to eat as usual until he loses weight. The German doctor is right that the pacient should eat less but if you don’t give something to eat the patient will die!

so to end, let’s forget the museum but let’s hope Germany finds warraties from the rest of Europe so that eurobonds could run for a limited time in the financial markets and in this way peripheral countries could not put in danger the eurozone.


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